What Is A Beach Safari?

A beach is a sandy stretch of land at the edge of An Ocean, River, Sea, or Lake characterized by  tiny rocks, minerals, and seashells. On the other hand, Safari is a Swahili word meaning “journey”  tour or expedition. The word “Swahili” has also been used to imply hunting or exploration trips,  especially in east Africa. 

Beach Safari is the blending of two exciting and nerve-wracking site experiences and is a perfect  way to spend a holiday, vacation, or for rest. From hours of interacting with the wild to a calm and  relaxed moment in the crystal warm ocean waters.

For beach safari enthusiasts, there are uncountable beach safari sites that one can explore especially around Africa and more specifically Kenya which is the origin of the word “Safari”.

Diani Beach, Kenya
Diani Beach, Kenya

Which African Country Is Best For Beach Safaris?

Beach safari is an experience that combines wildlife encounters in the jungles of Africa and sun basking moments and coastal walks along white sandy beaches. Africa is blessed with diverse  flora and fauna and offers quite a variety of scenic sites for visitors and holidaymakers.

Kenya is among the countries that offer the best beach safaris in Africa. Situated in the east of  the continent, the country boasts of both wildlife and marine natural habitats. Masai mara stands out with its unique wild beast migration season to Amboseli national park, with  Mount Kilimanjaro in the background and a herd of elephants grazing at its foot. Mount Kenya with its snow-capped peaks, stands at the center of the country to the downcoast  at Watamu’s shoreline, and the award-winning Diani beach, which displays white sandy beaches, offers world-class sites that are inevitable for beach safari lovers. 

Amboseli, Mt Kilimanjaro In The Background
Amboseli, Mt Kilimanjaro In The Background

Tanzania and Zanzibar are also top tourist destinations due to their beautiful sandy beaches and  a variety of wildlife sites like Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area as well  Ruaha National Park. South Africa Kruger National Park South Africa which is one of the largest game reserves in Africa  is also a force to reckon with. It offers game drives along the park on 4×4 open land cruisers.  Clifton beaches in cape town.

Picking a site for your Beach Safari experience could be a daunting task given that all the places are gorgeous and interesting to see and nearly all of them offer almost the same amount of pleasure in terms of wildlife, and adventure on the beaches and in the marine world.

Is There A Pink Beach In Africa?

Pink beaches are formed when some minute sea creatures that live in the coral reefs die and get washed offshore by the ocean currents. The creatures are commonly known as foraminifera and have red and pink shells that contain calcium carbonate materials. In Africa, this phenomenon is present at “Sunset Beach,” North Island in Seychelles. There is no  pink beach, just a discoloration that is brought about by the foraminifera.  

In Senegal, there is the dead sea, which also turns pink due to algae. The water is salty and  miners mine salt from it. A combination of the sun and salt-loving algae, Dunaliella Salina, turns  the water into a brilliant shade of pink.

Are Beach Safaris Safe?

Safety is key in every aspect of the beach safari as it involves interacting with new sites, creatures,  and even humans. Safaris are normally safe; However, one must abide by some rules of the trade  to enjoy the moment and have a relaxing experience. 

Watamu Beach, Kenya
Watamu Beach, Kenya

Beach Safaris is safe since most often they have tour guides armed for security purposes. travel  agencies also issue travel advisories to their clients and give a detailed list of regions that are  prone to violence e.g., terrorist attacks, etc. 

Inquiring about certain places of interest before the visit is one way of improving personal security,  as Beach Safari needs proper planning and clear information about the site, history in terms of  security, as well as criminology. Beach Safari could be dangerous, especially in Per-urban settlements such as Nairobi, Mombasa,  etc.

Are There Sharks In Africa?

Sharks are sea creatures that belong to the subclass of fish called elasmobranch. elasmobranch  creatures lack bones, but their skeleton consists of hard but flexible material cartilage. Sharks in Africa are mainly found in South Africa at Kosi Bay Kwazulu-Natal and Gansbaai,  especially the big white shark that used to frequent the shore of South Africa. Recently, the number of big white sharks has dwindled significantly, and sightings of these  creatures are no longer like before. 

Other than South Africa, no other country in Africa can brag about having sharks on the coastline.  Even though at times they do appear but once in a blue moon. Some sharks tend to favor the bottom of the sea while others will be in the deep.

How Much Does A Beach Safari Cost?

Angama Mara Lodge, Masai Mara
Angama Mara Lodge, Masai Mara

The cost of A beach safari will highly depend on the site of visit and the distance to be covered.  Means of transport may as well be another factor that might make the fee to be a little higher.  Otherwise, the cost of a beach safari could be between $125 and $500 per person per night  whereas, For the top Safaris, the cost can be as high as $1,500 per night. In other quarters, the cost could be much lower than that fast due to the location of the site.

Are Beach Safaris Worth It?

Beach Safaris offers some unique opportunities in a lifetime for a person to visit scenic sites in  Africa and more specifically Kenya. Sites that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. A good example is the wildebeest migration which only takes place between Kenya and Tanzania.  The big five is also a key tourist attraction since most of these animals can only be found here in  Africa in their natural habitat

Kenya also boasts of an award-winning Diani beach which is also a world-class beach that Is  worth visiting along with Watamu beach. Beach Safaris come in handy, especially for married couples on a honeymoon, for corporate  workers on a team tour, and for families to get together.

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