The Best Beach Safari Destinations In Africa

Africa’s diverse and amazing wildlife offers plenty of beach safari destinations which are located in various parts of Africa. Most of the finest and best beach safari destinations are usually found along the African coastline.

The continent leaves you experiencing a wide variety of tours through the safari. The Indian ocean hosts the best beaches starting from the Kenyan coastline to Mozambique. These beaches give a wonderful experience to the tourists who come here for their pleasure.

This article will discuss the best beach safari destinations found in Africa, their geographical location and other interesting facts about them.

1. Diani Beach

Aerial View Diani Beach
Aerial View Diani Beach

Located along the Indian ocean, Diani beach resort is the leading beach relaxing resort destination in Africa. Is found in the Kenyan coastline, 30km south of Mombasa.

Is popularly known for its beautiful fine white sand, blue ocean and the incredible climate and weather which is preferred by the beach lovers. It’s enjoyable to walk on the white fine sand in the morning and late afternoon when the sun is not too hot. The beach is also surrounded with good hotels which offer hotel services such as good African foods and a place to rest. Other things you can enjoy here are swimming, surfing/kites, dancing and also playing along the coast with others.

2. Anse Source D’Argent Beach

Anse Source D’Argent Beach
Anse Source D’Argent Beach

Is one of the most photographed beaches in the world located in La Digue Island of Seychelles. Is located on a small island of La Digue.

Many of the tourists visit this place to enjoy the coral reefs. The ocean water is protected to ensure the water is as shallow as possible. It is one of the most fabulous beaches in the world providing a variety of experiences including the clean pink sandy shores, accommodation, the blue waters from the ocean and nice places to visit. There are also enchanting palm trees which provide natural shade and make the place beautiful worth taking a holiday.

3. Anse Soleil Beach

Anse Soleil Beach
Anse Soleil Beach

Is a quiet and fantastic beach situated in Baie Lazare in Seychelles. The beach has clear water and pristine white sand.

There is plenty of underwater wildlife, street parking and a few shades which attract most of the tourists during the day. The weather is ideal for excellent swimming and snorkeling activities. The beach has hotels and restaurants around which offer local cuisine and lots of seafood dishes. The beach can be accessed easily because of the numerous bus stops placed after every 200m.

4. Flic En Flac Beach

 Flic En Flac Beach
Flic En Flac Beach

Is one the best beaches with excellent waterspouts found in Mauritius in the district of Black river.

The place is well known for its stunning white snow-sandy beaches that are long enough for your safari. The area is a home to marine life and the coconut trees found along the shores providing natural shade. Many villas and hotels are located near the beach area which serve as an area for accommodation and also taking food. You can also enjoy fun activities along the coast including the underwater caves, swimming and watersports. Some places along the ocean are protected with coral reefs which makes it a renowned surfing spot.

5. Watamu Beach

Is a stunning private beach resort located in Watamu in the coastal region in Kenya. The beach is surrounded with tiny deserted islets and sand bars which provide passage to the islands.

It is famously known for having popular attractions such as Gede ruins, ancient Swahili ruins, Arabuko Sokoke and Spiaggia delle Tartarughe. The presence of the white sand and the gentle breezes gives the place a good site to enjoy your safari tour. The place also gives their tourists access to hotel services, accommodation and security. You will get to enjoy the sea food being prepared by the hotels near the beach and also the Swahili culture. Away from hotel services, the beach provides boat fishing activities.

6. Nungwi Beach

Nungwi Beach, Zanzibar
Nungwi Beach, Zanzibar

Located in Zanzibar, the beach is along the Indian ocean north of Ungunja. It comprises magnificent water colors, beautiful hotels and the fine white sand.

The colorful water of the ocean makes it a perfect place where swimming can be done during the day. With the tour guides you can be able to visit nice places around the resort such as Mnari Marine Turtles conservation pond, Nungwi Natural Aquarium and Tazari caves.

7. Camps Bay Beach

South Africa Cape Town Rock Camps Bay
South Africa Cape Town Rock Camps Bay

Is stylish beachfront found in Cape town, in South Africa. Is located along the Atlantic Ocean in South Africa.

The beach is known for its beautiful fine white sands and the fabulous restaurants around the place. Swimming is not encouraged here as there are strong water currents from the ocean and no lifeguards, however, the place has luxurious houses with pools surrounding them where you can do swimming. Watching from the coastline, the tides from the pool form a beautiful experience to the tourists. The children and family can have fun in plenty of seaside building the sandcastles.

8. Plage d’Essaouira Beach

Plage d'Essaouira Beach
Plage d’Essaouira Beach

Is a large and expansive Atlantic beach situated North of Sekkala town. It is next to a historical port and surrounded with a breezy condition to enjoy surfing and kite flying.

Is famous for its hot spot for surfers, numerous raids and swimming sections. The beach is wide, providing a wide surface area for playing and enjoying. It is worth visiting and more interesting as the place is filled with numerous places to stay during the night. June is the best time to visit and the place is more conducive.

9. Trou aux Biches Beach

Trou aux Biches Beach
Trou aux Biches Beach

Is situated along the coast of Mauritius. It provides beach resorts and superb accommodation with fantastic experiences along the coastline.

The beach is surrounded with enticing hotels which offer a variety of hotel services and ideal stay at affordable prices. You will get to enjoy underwater adventures, outdoor adventures and the stay in the villas. The place is also equipped with pools, exclusive beach area and bars where you will have unforgettable holidays. The beach has white fine sand which forms a nice walking safari.

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