The Safest Places To Visit In Africa

For anyone outside Africa planning for a visit, safety is always key. No one would want to visit a place with rampant cases of insecurity and chaos. Here we have made it easy for you to see the places which are safe to visit as you consider your decision.

1. Rwanda

Rwanda is a country located in East Africa with an approximate size of 26,340 km². Apart from being recognized in Africa as a very safe being at position two, Rwanda is also recognized globally as one of the safest countries where it falls in position eleven. The Rwandan government has put a lot of effort into establishing stable security institutions which ensure that the country is safe. There are only petty cases of bag snatching and pickpocketing which anyone can avoid by being extra careful.

2. Namibia

Namibia is a country found in the southern parts of Africa and has an approximate size of 824,292km². Namibia is considered a largely safe country with no terrorist attacks reported in recent years. Cases of mugging and bug snatching have been on the rise in the country’s capital Windhoek. Anyone visiting there ought to be alert always. The public transport network has not developed well in the country as there are few buses. A tourist is therefore urged to use private transport means or tourist guide transport. If you are going to use the ATM you should be extra cautious to avoid being mugged.

3. Kenya

Kenya is in the Eastern African region and has a size of about 582,646km². Kenya has been a relatively peaceful country since the 2008 post-election violence. There are minimal cases of terrorist attacks as security has been improved in the country. Areas such as the North Eastern region and some coastal parts have experienced security challenges therefore you should not travel there alone. If you are new in this country it is best if you avoid the public as you can be robbed. It is preferred to use a taxi instead. Whenever traveling in the urban area be cautious as there are pickpockets especially if someone openly displays their possessions like phones.

4. Morocco

Morocco is a county in the Northern region of Africa and has an estimated size of 710,850 km². Morocco is a safe country for any tourist traveling there. Since it is a largely Muslim country therefore any tourist travelling there is expected to respect the customs and culture of the people. There are hardly any crime attacks and the public transport is favorable for the tourists. Once using public transport, a tourist should only be careful with their luggage. Just like in any other country, there are cases of pickpockets, especially in crowded places such as beaches. As a way of protecting yourself, you avoid walking in areas which are poorly lit or not lit at all.

5. Zambia

Zambia is found in the southern parts of central Africa and has a size of about 752,614 km². Zambia is considered a safe country for tourists to travel there. However, due to the high number of poor people in the country, there is a high rate of petty crimes. Whenever you are in public places you should be very careful and alert as there are pickpockets around. Always keep your luggage close to you. The transport sector in Zambia is very reliable though you always keep an eye on your luggage. If you drive yourself, ensure you have spare parts due to the poor state of the roads.

6. Malawi

Malawi is a country in Southeast Africa and has an estimated size of 118,480km². The Malawi people are very friendly to anyone visiting the country. Malawi is a peaceful country with no reports of terrorism crimes recently. However, there are cases of petty crimes such as theft and pickpocketing therefore you should be very alert, especially when traveling in public areas. You should avoid driving at night as you can be attacked. It would be no surprise if you find some people walking in the middle of the road.

7. Tanzania

Tanzania is a country located in East Africa and has an approximate size of 945,087km². Tanzania is ranked as one of the safest countries in Africa. However, you should be careful when in the streets and other crowded areas like beaches since incidences of pickpocketing are very common even with children who are introduced to crime early in their lives. As a new person, it is preferable to use taxis when traveling and not public transport. You should be alert because some children are used to distracting foreigners and someone steals from you.

8. Ghana

Ghana is in the Western parts of Africa and has a size of about 238,533km². The security in Ghana has been enhanced to improve safety in the country. Like in other countries, there are incidences of pickpocketing and mugging, therefore you should be alert. You should be careful when using transport means such as taxis as there have been incidents where the drivers steal from the people. In other cases, a thief may pretend to be a driver. The country at times experiences some natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes hence calls for caution in the places you visit.

9. Mauritius

Mauritius is an Island in the Indian Ocean with a size of approximately 2,020km². Mauritius is a very safe country to visit with a reliable transport system for any tourist. Pickpocketing incidents are relatively low in this country as compared to other countries, however, you should still be on the lookout for any. The country experiences cyclones mostly due to its nature as an Island between November and May. This should not worry you much as there are safety guidelines.

General Travel Safety

Safety becomes a major concern whichever the place we travel. We need to assess and ensure that the place is favorable. The following are some of the issues to put into consideration.

Travel Advisories In Effect

Travel advisories are very important to a tourist traveling somewhere they are not familiar with. They guide the person on the do’s and don’ts when the person is traveling. Travel advisories guide a tourist on the average costs to be incurred in the travel and provide the tourist with many places to choose from. They are keen to inform tourists of the security and the regulations of an area. On the issue of weather and health, they give detailed information about the weather conditions of the area and also caution the tourist of any health concerns of the place.

Staying Healthy On Safari

It is advisable to do health research on the area you wish to travel to get an understanding of any potential health problems you are likely to experience. Seek a doctor before traveling to ensure that you are in good condition and not vulnerable to any infection. In areas where there are disease outbreaks ensure you are given a vaccine before traveling as it is very helpful. If you are on any medication ensure you carry it with you and take it as per the prescription.

Safety On Safari

A safari is very exciting but it can be destroyed by dangerous wild animals. Therefore, safety is key. If traveling by car, ensure you always remain in the and keep the windows closed. At other times when you may be walking, always wear boots to protect yourself from dangerous snakes which may be roaming around. For the places you are not familiar with, always ensure you have a tour guide who will guide you through.

Places To Avoid

There are also countries which are considered risky for any tourist planning to travel there. Read on as we dig deeper into these countries.

1. Central African Republic

The Central African Republic is in the central parts of Africa and has a size of approximately 623,000km². There is a high rate of insecurity in the country which is occasioned by the various armed groups of people who continue to attack people. As a foreigner, it is especially risky since you may not know where to escape and are potential targets. The armed bandits also attack vehicles anywhere and many people lose their lives and others are kidnapped by the terrorists. Many areas are in a state of lawlessness.

2. Libya

Libya is located in the northern parts of Africa and has an estimated size of 1.76 million km². Libya continues to be a very risky country for any tourist. The rate of kidnappings in Libya is very high, especially by the militiamen who then ask for money. At this time your health is very vulnerable. The kidnappings are mostly targeted at foreigners since they are seen to have a lot of money. Attacks can erupt anywhere with little or no warning at all. Many citizens, as well as foreigners, lose their lives while others are injured. The government has little power over terrorist groups.

3. Burundi

Burundi is in the region of East Africa and has an area of about 27,834km². Political instability is a major cause of insecurity in Burundi. There are many groups of armed bandits who carry out heinous acts of violence in the country. As a foreign tourist in this country, you might find yourself in the middle of chaos which you may end up being a victim of. The health sector of the country is largely weakened. You can travel for many kilometers without any sight of a hospital around. The high poverty levels in the country lead some people to commit crimes.

4. Somalia

Somalia is a country in the East African region and has an approximate size of 637,655km². Somalia has been on the spot for the high levels of insecurity there. There are groups of terrorists who commit crimes such as bombing. Many people in the country have lost their lives. A foreigner in the country is most likely to be kidnapped by the groups as the terrorist group’s target areas are likely to be flocked by tourists Given the poor transport network in the country one can easily be robbed on the road.

5. Nigeria

Nigeria is found in Western Africa and has an estimated size of 923,768km². Nigeria is a highly organized country and the level of crimes committed in the streets is alarming. There are jihadist terrorist groups like Boko Haram which commit endless crimes in the countries. The Jihadist terrorists are also merciless to anyone who is not a Muslim. This can be very dangerous, especially for tourists. The transport system in the country is also very risky. You may find as you travel that the road has been blocked by terrorists. The levels of mugging and pickpocketing are very high.

6. South Sudan

South Sudan is a country in the northeastern parts of Africa and has a size of about 644,329km². The people in South Sudan acquire weapons very easily. You will find that almost everyone has a weapon here. Due to this, the crime rate here is very high with incidents of robbery and kidnapping. As a foreigner, it can be dangerous to travel here since you never know who is a terrorist since almost everyone is armed. Many foreigners have been reported to have been assaulted and robbed. Due to the economic crisis in the country, a lot of people have been engaging in criminal activities.

7. Mali

Mali is a West African country and has a size of about 1.24 million km². Terrorism remains to be a big challenge in this country. There are many terrorist groups which attack any place without any warning. Be it hotels, churches or even nightclubs. These terrorist group target areas visited by foreigners hence rendering them unsafe. The government has also been a target by the terrorists making it not to be very effective in fighting terrorism. Due to the low economic development and lack of jobs many people engage in serious crimes such as kidnapping for ransom.

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