Top 6 Beach Cities for Digital Nomads in Africa

While most people think of digital Nomads Beach destinations, they usually think of Asia’s Countries like Vietnam, Thailand while Africa gets overlooked. Africa does have some of the best Beaches in the world and ever Improving Infrastructure and Technology.

Thanks to social Media in Particular YouTube, the narrative is slowly changing with content Creators giving a more Realistic picture some of what Moving To Africa looks like.

The Media Narratives around Africa also go along way to discourage would be Nomads but often things on the ground are often different. While it is important to note there are short coming in some of this Cities its usually often over blown and some are mitigated by just taking precaution and common Sense.

We have also ensured this Cities do have at least a Environment for Tech hub or a digital Community or Culture.


Marrakech has Awesome Arabic Culture plus a young modern and upcoming youth in tech and its perfect for Digital Nomads who are into Ancient Arabic Culture. The City does have a Renowned Hospitality industry and you can expect Beach resorts geared to Tourists.

Budget One Bedroom$400-$6003/5
InternetMorocco has made good strides in terms Internet Speed-42Mbps4/5
Type of BeachBrown Sandy Beaches3/5
Cost of livingAverage(Western Lifestyle) without of Rent-$460,4/5
Best Time of YearMarch to May and between September and November, Favorable weather(daytime temps in the low 70s to low 90s) and low cost(Affordable hotels)
TransportationThe Town is not Built for Driving with Narrow Roads just for motorbikes .3/5
Safety IndexConsiderably very Safe City.4/5
Co-Working SpacesHas Enough Co- working spaces: The Best Coworking Spaces in Marrakech · 1 Emerging Business Factory – EBF · 2 The Spot · 3 Co-work in Marrakech · 4 Appartement à Louer Marrakech · 5 Creative Lab · 6 .Ait Ourir Business Center classes cafe Rouge marrakech3/5
Things To Do or FunMorocco is the top Africans destination for a reason here are the Top activities to do in Marrakech:1. Jardin Majorelle · 2. Palácio da Bahia · 3. Anima André Heller Garden · 4. Le Jardin Secret · 5. Medina of Marrakesh · 6.Musée Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech 7.Dar El Bacha – Musee des Confluences 8.Koutoubia Mosque 9.Maison de la Photographie 10.Jemaa el-Fnaa5/5

Cape Town

Cape Town has the most Modern and best infrastructure in Africa with all efficient Transport systems around. The biggest Problem with Cape Town is Insecurity.

Cape Town has a Population of 4.6 Millions inhabitants.

Budget One Bedroom$500-$800 Averagely Expensive as Compared to the other Cities.2/5
InternetCape Town has the fastest average mobile download speed in Africa with 22.42 Mbps4/5
Best Time of Year March to May and from September to November. These seasons boast enviable weather, fewer Tourist, and lower Hotel prices.
Cost of livingAverage(Western Lifestyle) without of Rent-$5633/5
Type of BeachWhite and Gold Beaches with the Background of Table Mountains.Not as spectacular as Diani or Zanzibar.3/5
TransportationExtremely Efficient and Modern but Expensive compared to other African Beach Cities.4/5
Safety IndexWith one the Highest Crimes Rates in Africa be extra vigilant.2/5
Co-Working SpacesExpect plenty and Excellent Co-working Spaces.5/5
Things To Do or FunTons of Activities,Cape Town receives 28 Million visitors per month thus expect a lot Fun Activities.Top Places to visit in Cape Town::1. Table Mountain Aerial Cableway · 2. Chapman’s Peak Drive · 3. Victoria & Alfred Waterfront · 4. Lion’s Head · 5. Boulders Beach 6.Kogelberg Nature Reserve 7.Two Oceans Aquarium 8.Two Oceans Aquarium 9.Two Oceans Aquarium 10.Table Mountain5/5


One of the most Beautiful White Sandy anywhere in the World, this Island Part of the Tanzania is home to 1.3 inhabitants and is known for its Tourism and Spices. The Island is mainly catered for Tourism with the Government investing heavily on the Security of the Island as the main source of Revenue as Tourist. Expect lots of Europeans and Restaurant beach Vibe.

Budget One Bedroom$234-$5005/5
Best Time of Year
Internet12.65 Mbps for broadband, fiber internet and 10.1 Mbps for mobile data speeds.Expensive for the cheapest offers at around $50.3/5
Cost of livingQuite High-13% more than Nairobi averagely(Western Lifestyle)-$8572/5
Type of BeachSpectacular White Sandy Beaches Ranked Nb.4 on CNN Best Beaches In Africa5/5
TransportationDala Dala which are small Tuk Tuk are cheap and available,Taxi’s are Expensive plus a lot Traffic.2/5
Safety IndexQuite Safe4/5
Co-Working SpacesA few with the main one being:The Train’s House Co-working Space2/5
Things To Do or FunTons of activities i.e stone Town ,Jozani Forest , Nungwi , Forodhani Market , Palace Museum ,House of Wonders , Spice Tour ,The Old Fort.
You can also cross over to mainland for Safaris and other tours in the Main land.


Accra is the best choice a mix of Authentic African experiences and food Culture. Might be the best choice a Digital Nomad who wants real African Experiences especially African Americans who want that Motherland Experiences .Accra is one of the Best Tech Hub in Africa and you can be sure to meet a community of other Digital/Tech Enthusiast.

Accra is the Capital City of Ghana and home to 2.6 Million inhabitants.

Budget One Bedroom$300-$5003/5
InternetMbps Quite Expensive Bundles, Accra Internet Speed has really improved to Became Africa’s Fastest internet Speed 53.28 Mbps4/5
Best Time of YearThe best months for good weather in Accra are January to July, August, September, October, November and December.

On average, the warmest months are January, February, March, April, May, June, October, November and December.

June is the rainiest month.
Cost of livingAverage(Western Lifestyle) without of Rent-$513,Food is Very affordable and a good variety3/5
Type of BeachBrown Sandy Beaches,not Renowned for its Beaches3/5
TransportationThe state of public transport in Accra is very poor2/5
Safety IndexRelatively Safe,more so for Foreigners3/5
Co-Working SpacesPlenty of Co-working Spaces4/5
Things To Do or FunA heavy dose of Authentic African Experiences and activities revolving around Culture.
Top things to do in Accra:1.Aburi Botanical 2. Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park Gardens 3.Makola Market 4.Bojo Beach 5.Accra Mall 6.Labadi Pleasure Beach 7.Osu Castle 8.Black Star Gate 9.W.E.B. DuBois Center 10.W.E.B. DuBois Center


Mombasa City, Kenya’s second biggest Capital City also known as the white and Blue city. Its home to 1.3 million inhabitants and is located on the Southern side on the Indian Ocean. Its Bread and Butter is the Hospitality industry and digital Nomads can expect good quality Services with while most Locals able to converse in English as well other European languages.

Nairobi the Capital City of Kenya which 45min by Plane from Mombasa is among Africa’s top Tier Tech City and one of the best Digital Capitals in Africa.

Another big plus is the possibility of Exploring Kenya for other varying Safari destinations from National Reserves to Mountain climbing to Deserts.

Budget of 1 Bedroom House$500 – Can be Expensive within the City but as you move out of the Outskirts it is Quite Affordable. 2/5
Best Time of Year
Internet18Mbps – Among the Fastest in Africa with a variety of affordable options. 5/5
Cost of livingDepends on the Location averagely(Western Lifestyle) – $645 3/5
Type of BeachWhite Sandy Beaches plus Diani which 30mins From Mombasa was Ranked Nb.2 on CNN Best Beaches In Africa4/5
TransportationThere’s quite a bit of Traffic but theres Cheap Transport from Point A To B 3/5
Co-Working SpacesThere are sufficient Co working spaces in Mombasa,here are Top 3 Coworking Spaces in Mombasa 1.Mombasa Works 2. Swahilipot Hub 3. Close the Gap Kenya 3/5
Safety Index Relatively Safe but depends with Location and Precautions should be exercised. 2/5
Fun Things To Do Travel to near Beaches (like Diani, Watamu), bungee jumping, dolphin-watching, street food experience.5/5


It’s not commonly associated with Digital Nomads or its Tech Community Dar is the main City of Tanzania with a population of around 7 million. It’s the perfect place if you are looking a chill city with beaches but with a slower Pace.

Tanzania is not known for its Tech but the Government but has been making Strides but its behind Kenya and Uganda in Terms Tech.

Budget One Bedroom$300-$500 /Fair4/5
Best Time of YearThe best season to visit Tanzania is during the long dry season, which falls from July to September.
May is the month with the lowest hotel prices in Dar Es Salaam
Internet11Mbps Not the Fastest and quite as Compared to Capital Cities in East Africa2/5
Cost of livingQuite Affordable Average(Western Lifestyle)-$4574/5
Type of BeachNot Renowned for its Beaches3/5
TransportationEfficient and Cheap4/5
Safety IndexOVERALL RISK : MEDIUM-Take Precautions like most Cities and you will be okay .3/5
Co-Working SpacesPlenty of Co Working Spaces but Tech Culture yet to hit as Compared to2/5
Things To Do or FunThere are enough Fun Activities but you can still venture to Main land for other activities i.e. Serengeti2/5

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