Where Is Diani Beach?

A safari to East Africa cannot be deemed complete without visiting Kenya’s coastal region and enjoying the extraordinary experience of the many beaches along the Kenyan Coast. Have you been wondering where you would snatch the greatest happiness from during your holidays as an individual or family? Among the beaches on the Indian Ocean, Diani Beach tops the list of them all and is worth featuring on top of your bucket-list. 

Diani Beach is in Kenya’s Coastal region of the Indian Ocean, only 30 kilometers South of Mombasa, commonly known as South Coast. It is located in Kwale County and Diani serves as a resort area.

Diani On The Kenyan Coastline
Diani On The Kenyan Coastline

Diani rates as the most preferred beach by tourists among all other beaches in the South Coast due to its strategic location, its beautifully blue waters and charming surroundings. The Kongo River separates Diani Beach from Tiwi Beach, which sits north of the South Coast. This article uncovers some of the most-important information you need to know about the Diani Beach: the size, location, fame, activities you would enjoy there as well as the best transport modes to get you there. 

How Big Is Diani?

The size of Diani serves as its advantage and makes the beach capable of comfortably accommodating thousands of tourists at a go. Some would be swimming as others are camel-riding and some would be enjoying in the luxurious hotels therein as others bask on the warm, white sands in the beach. It is amazingly spacious. 

The Diani Beach is a long stretch of about 17 kilometers, stretching from the Kongo river on the north and Galu beach on the south of the Indian Stretch. A landmark, an old baobab tree serves as the reference point to the south of Diani. 

Diani Beach
Diani Beach

Nobody would enjoy any shoving and pushing while swimming or enjoying the warm sand on the beach due to overpopulation. Diani Beach offers an elbow room for full enjoyment of the many activities exhibited therein. There is a space for everyone, whether you want to enjoy it as an intact family or each of you craves an individual experience.

What Is Diani Beach Famous For?

It does not matter whether you visit as families, work teams or individuals, there is always a wonderful experience every visitor would grab and enjoy. Different sporting activities, viewing of turtles and enjoying the beauty of the nearby marine park while catching sight of the palms dotting the beach,  every breath here adds an aesthetic value to your coastal voyage. Remember it’s a famous beach world over. 

Kenya’s Diani Beach stands out among all other beaches due to its blue and crystal-clear ocean waters, beautifully white sands, and the (kite)surfing experiences visitors snatch whenever they visit the coastal resort

Diani Coastline
Diani Coastline

In addition, its numerous coral reefs and sandbars make it worthy of exploring and rank it as a perfect recreational point for swimming and enjoying diverse watersports such as kayaking, paddle-boarding, jet skiing and windsurfing, among others. There is no room for boredom at Diani. Visiting the Diani Beach is therefore an unbeatable and historical experience of having visited one of the most famous beaches in Africa and the world over.

Are There Sharks In Diani?

Sharks are some of the ocean mammals whose presence sets tourists’ teeth on edge. Though wonderful to look at, their presence sends shivers down the visitors’ spines and snatches away any sense of security while swimming in the ocean. After the Australian reef, the East African reef ranks as the second largest reef globally.

With the Diani Beach falling within the East African Reef, it means that, luckily, there are no sharks at Diani. Instead, it is a wonderful lagoon, safe for snorkeling and swimming. 

As a visitor, therefore, you don’t need to be on the lookout for sharks. The blue waters and the white sand bars at Diani set it apart from other beaches and add color to every bit of your voyage.

Is It Safe To Swim In Diani?

Whether you are an experienced swimmer or a learner, Diani Beach offers a vast beach area for swimmers and other tourists to enjoy every bit of the whole event. It’s a point of no regrets and every minute proves indelible. 

It is therefore very safe to swim in Diani Beach because there are no sharks and the waters are warm all year round, offering a sensational experience to you as a tourist

Other adrenaline-activating water sports commonplace with the beach include jet skiing, paragliding, kite-surfing and skydiving. Your kids will however need to be strong swimmers if they wish to snorkel until they reach the reef. For children, therefore, canoeing or boat-riding is the preferred alternative.

How Do You Get To Diani?

Getting to Diani Beach is the easiest yet most exhilarating experience opportunity you would have while visiting any coastal destination. No matter your place of origin or your travel preference, there is always a solution for you. 

Diani can be seamlessly accessed via road, air and rail. 

Diani Airport
Diani Airport

Diani Beach has an airstrip situated at Ukunda. By road, you only drive for a couple of minutes from the main hotel strip. You can also access it either via Moi International Airport or Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Boarding a bus or a taxi which operates between Mombasa and the south coast would also take you to this famous beach. If you like traveling by rail, the single-gauge railway from Nairobi to Mombasa would be your solution.

Is Diani Beach Worth Visiting?

Reviews from previous visitors to the resort confirm that the experience there is so intriguing and unforgettable that you can never have enough of it. Every single visit goes beyond any previous memories of visiting the recreational facility and offers a purely fresh experience. The many water sports there offer a variety of choices, helping visitors choose from a long menu. 

Absolutely yes. Diani Beach has been voted for as Africa’s leading beach destination five times consecutively, since 2015. Diani is characterized by its shiny emerald-blue waters, whitish powdery sands, and a tropical climate.

With Diani being an outstanding beach in the Indian Ocean, you don’t need to think hard before striking a deal to visit this famous beach. Previous visitors regard Diani as a slice of heavenly goodness and beauty, giving no chances for disappointments and leaving no doubts to anyone who wishes to have such moments.

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