Reasons Why You Should Visit Diani Beach

Diani beach is a leading tourist destination on the Kenyan coast and it is specifically located in Kwale County. Having been voted as a leading beach destination for many tourists in Kenya, it is surely the best place to be. There are some unique qualities which make Diani beach to be adored by many people. Read on as we go through them.

1. Diani Has Great Transport And Communication Infrastructure

If you are planning to visit Diani then you should have no worries about the transport to get there. Since Diani beach is so much popular, transport has been enhanced to serve the tourists going either from the Standard Gauge Railway or The Moi International Airport. There are SGR and Moi International Airport shuttle transfers which offer transport directly to Diani.

The vehicles vary in size therefore can carry large groups of people or small groups. The vehicles are designed in a way to ensure the comfort of the tourist during the ride. There are numerous companies which offer taxi services to tourists going to Diani.

2. It Is A Perfect Destination For Adventure Tourists

The majority of the tourists visiting Diani beach want to have an adventurous experience which is far from their normal day-to-day activities. A great experience that a tourist can have is having a boat ride from Diani beach to Wasini Island. A visit to Wasini Island normally takes a full day to and fro and the tourists use a boat. When there are winds, the experience can be tense, especially for a person who is not used to boats.

Marine Park, Coast Kenya
Marine Park, Coast Kenya

Nevertheless, they are safe. Wasini Island is a small island with no cars, bicycles or police. Movement there is only by foot or boat. As you approach Wasini you will get the opportunity to see the dolphins diving out of and into the water. This makes the trip even more exciting.

The person guiding you can attract the attention of these dolphins so that you can have a more spectacular experience. If that is not enough, you can also opt to go snorkeling. Here, you don’t need to be entirely skilled in swimming but only the basics. With a floater and the advice of the tour guide, you will enjoy the experience.

3. Diani Beach Has A Buzzing Nightlife

With a large number of tourists visiting Diani Beach, business people have found a superb opportunity to generate income. At night, there is usually a beehive of activities at the various nightclubs, bars, casinos and restaurants in Diani as the tourists entertain themselves. The clubs and bars here do not have any limited timeframe within which they operate as they can even be active throughout the night.

Ali Barbour's Cave Restaurant
Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant

The tourists crowd night clubs  which have DJs who ensure they are entertained. There are also clubs which are open places where the tourists get an experience of live music. The fee to be paid at various entertainment areas is regulated to ensure the services are at an affordable price. The casinos in the area offer live games, a movie theater and even a live spa.

4. Diani Has Some Of The Best Weather All Year Round

Typical Clear Sky in Diani
Typical Clear Sky in Diani

Whenever one is visiting a certain place, it is important to have enough information concerning the weather conditions of the place. The weather can determine whether a trip will be sullen or enjoyable. Diani beach, just like most of the other coastal areas in Kenya, experiences a warm and tropical climate throughout the year. This climate makes it favorable for tourists to visit at any time of the year.

The temperatures in the region are also favorable yearly with between 80.6°F to 91.4°F (27°C to 33°C) depending on the time of the year. The area experiences two rainy seasons in a year. The long rains are experienced from the mid of March up to the beginning of June. The short rains from the end of October go on to November. Since Diani beach is near the Indian Ocean its weather conditions are highly affected by the monsoon winds blowing across the Indian Ocean.

The Northern monsoon wind which blows from the end of late November to early March is responsible for the dry conditions at that time. The Kusi winds which are from March to April bring about heavy rains. As they proceed toward May and August the conditions start to be calm.

5. Diani Has Several Interesting Places To Visit Including Conservation Areas, Heritage Sites & Marine Parks

Apart from enjoying the beach life, tourists can also visit other interesting places in Diani. By visiting the marine parks you get a chance of enjoying the view of marine life. The water in the marine parks is crystal clear to ensure that you have a good view of the fish and even the turtle there. With these marine parks being protected, activities such as fishing are prohibited to conserve the fish.

Touring Diani beach will give you the chance of learning about the culture and traditions of the people living in the area. There are various monuments and people who perform cultural dances all in a bid to tell the history of the place.

6. You Can Take Day Tours To Shimba Hills And Be Back To Have A Lovely Dinner

Shimba Hills Lodge Walkway
Shimba Hills Lodge Walkway

The distance from Diani to Shimba hills is approximately 35 kilometers. Daily trips can start as early as six in the morning so that the tourists can have enough time visiting the various attractions in the area. Covering a total area of about 202km², Shimba hills have various wild animals such as giraffes, elephants, buffalos and some rare leopards.

Leopard ,Shimba Hill National Conservancy
Leopard ,Shimba Hill National Conservancy

Apart from the wild animals, there are various species of birds which attract ists. The Shedrick falls in the Shimba hills, which are about 21 meters, offer such a scenic view for the tourists. There is the Shimba lodge in the area where the tourists can have their lunch. The whole tour ends at around 3 pm when the tourists depart and return to their hotel in Diani where they arrive at around 4 pm where they have dinner.

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