Reasons Why You Should Visit Watamu Beach

Watamu is a town located about 9.3 miles (15 kilometers) from Malindi along the coastal region of Kenya. Watamu beach has been a tourist destination for not only local tourists but also International tourists. Here, we will look at the reasons which make Watamu a preferred destination for many tourists.

1. Watamu Beach Is Less Crowded Than Other Popular Beaches

Nowadays, people love going to places where their privacy is ensured. People may feel insecure and shy when they see that they are drawing the attention of so many people. Watamu beach is very spacious with white sandy beaches, therefore, enabling everyone to carry on with their activities with much ease.

Since Watamu beach is less crowded, any tourist going there is assured of improved security than on other beaches filled with people. With less congestion on Watamu beach, it becomes easy to manage the people.

Watamu Beach Aerial Shot
Watamu Beach Aerial Shot

The hygiene and cleanliness of Watamu beach are also improved since the beach is less congested. With the people being less than the spacious nature of the beach itself, the beach is kept clean and habitable for the people coming. The cleanliness of a beach is important as it ensures that the health of the tourists is maintained.

2. There Are A Variety Of Activities Like Bird Watching On Turtles Bay Beach

Any tourist visiting Watamu beach should be prepared for a whole new experience due to the various activities on the beach. Watamu is home to over 450 species of birds, some of which are very rare to see in any other place in the world. The different species of birds live in different habitats. The scrubs and forests in the Watamu area prove to be favorable for the birds. When it rains, pools of fresh water form in the area and this attracts a large number of water birds. This can be a very good time for watching the birds.

Watamu beach is famous for activities like snorkeling, turtle watching and dolphin watching. Snorkeling does not require any special training in swimming as anyone with basic knowledge can do it. However, snorkeling is not recommended between May and September due to the strong winds and the presence of seaweeds on the beach and the reef. Watamu offers places where you can see dolphins, whales and even turtles. It is such a wonderful experience seeing the dolphins jumping from the water. With the water being so clear, it is easy to see the turtles moving around.

3. You Can Go Swimming With The Dolphins In Waka Waka Island 

Here, the dolphins mostly live in families, the mothers with their calves. The dolphins are accorded the necessary protection by the Kenya Wildlife Service and the authorities in charge of the Watamu National Marine Park. The appropriate time when the dolphins are easily seen is between November and April. At this time, the waters are very calm for watching them. Most of these dolphins are very friendly to the tourists who go to watch them.


There are boats which the tourists use to move on the water bodies as they watch the dolphins jumping from the water and back again. The tourists are urged not to throw objects at the dolphins or attract any unwanted attention. The mother dolphins can be very sensitive especially when they want to protect their calves.

Tourists are also instructed not to go into the water unless by any chance the dolphin pushes them inside. Making loud noises while around the dolphins and shouting hampers the communication between the dolphins and also the way they swim. It also confuses them when they are targeting any prey.

4. Explore Marafa-Hells Kitchen And Other Amazing Dining Places

Marafa-Hells kitchen
Marafa-Hells kitchen

The Marafa-Hells kitchen is located in a place where there is a great depression. There are many myths explaining the formation of the depression. One such myth is that there was a white family which at one time substituted water for milk, therefore, using milk to do the activities done using water. The gods were furious and there caused a landslide leading to the depression and buried them. The best time to visit the Marafa-Hells kitchen is in the afternoon and early mornings since at other times it is unbearably hot between 35 and 50 degrees.

The Marafa-Hells kitchen offers a magnificent view when the sun is setting. As the sun sets the whole place is coloured orange, pink, red and white. It is also a wonderful place where you can take pictures especially due to the depression site. There are specific sites for taking magnificent pictures therefore ensure you have a guide who will also lead you in the safer places.

Lichtaus ,Watamu
Lichtaus ,Watamu

Watamu has amazing dining areas which offer a variety of dishes according to your liking. These include Medina palms, Papa Remo, Crab Shark and Hosteria Romana. All of these offer a suitable environment where you can enjoy the view of the ocean or even the forest view as you enjoy your meal.

5. The White Beaches And Blue Waters Are Perfect For Vacation Photos

For anyone visiting the coastal areas having a view of the beaches and the blue waters is always a priority. Watamu has an expansive beach of up to 4.5 miles (7 kilometers) which makes it very preferable. With activities such as scuba diving, skiing and even snorkeling, large groups of people can come on a vacation.

The serene environment of Watamu beach makes it a favorable place for taking photos. These photos are very memorable for anyone. There are also sunbathing areas where photos can be taken. Watamu beach is known for its blue waters. The blue waters are also very clear as one can see the water animals inside.

Apart from being clear, they are still. When taking photos of marine life, the photos usually appear clearly. Many photos of turtles are taken at the Watamu Marine National Park. When people come on a vacation and prefer to swim in the blue waters, the pictures taken appear to be very beautiful.

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