The Best Ways Of Getting Around In Africa

Africa is one of the biggest continents in the world with 54 countries. Getting around in Africa can become challenging for a person traveling in Africa for the first time. However, there are some developed countries in Africa with better transport systems like South Africa which provide easy traveling despite the distance.

Traveling around Africa depends on which place you are taking a tour. Africa has the world’s longest river, wide variety wildlife and diverse cultural practices depending on which country you are exploring .

In this article I will be briefing you on the best ways of getting around in Africa to help you plan for your adventure around Africa.


Air transport in Africa is the fastest and quickest way of getting around in Africa. Most countries in Africa give access to the use of planes which transport people and light goods from one destination to another.

KQ, Kenyan Airline
KQ, Kenyan Airline

Africa has many airports where the airplanes land and take off. Air transport gives easy access to many areas around Africa. Perishable goods can be transported to other places way faster, preventing them from spoiling. This mode of transport is very expensive to afford.

Between Countries

Involves the transportation of people and goods from two or more nations. The airports are located in different countries which allow landing to other destinations. Many airlines link in various cities in Africa providing efficient traveling of people between different countries.

Some of the airports are near the beautiful sceneries where the tourists from other African countries get an easy adventure.

Within More Developed Countries

Many people travel to Africa by airplane from other countries outside the African continent. This is the fastest method which only takes hours to cover miles.

People from other countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, and most European countries travel to Africa by plane. This involves high cost of traveling and other accommodation fees.

By Road

Road transport is the main mode of transportation in Africa. Road transport networks cover many areas with several bus stops which pick up people.

Is the most flexible option of getting around in Africa. You can either use a public vehicle, personal car in which you must plan on the cost of fuel, road safety regulations and license. The main advantage of roads is that you can be able to outreach many remote areas. Most roads in Africa are in a poor state hence making road transport uncomfortable to use.

Narok Highway, Road to Masai Mara
Narok Highway, Road to Masai Mara

Uber And Other Taxi Hailing Apps

Africa has uber services which provide safe transport for their operators. Uber services are present in countries such as Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda and Egypt. Ubers and taxis provided a faster and convenient road network when getting around places.

Ubers provide safety and reliability whenever you call for a ride. However, it has disadvantages which include high pricing and insecurity in some places.

Airport Or Hotel Transfer Services

While you are traveling to Africa and arrive late at the airport, the port provides transfer services where you are taken to a hotel that you booked. Hotels also provide this service which provides taxis to satisfy their customers.

The drivers are fully licensed and known well to ensure safety of the visitors. The services are reliable and involve taking care of the visitors to ensure safety. The guests are therefore led to the destination of the hotel where they will take rest according to their plans.

Tour Vans And Trucks

Tour vans are hired in Africa which conveniently help you get through the different destinations around Africa. You can easily enjoy the spectacular view of the most fascinating beauty of Africa. The vans are comfortable and provide great travel experience on your adventure.

Game Tracker South Africa
Game Tracker South Africa

The vans are designed to handle the roads well. The tour vans come with tour guides who help you explore many places. They are also well equipped. In wildlife the vans are used as safari vehicles providing a good view of the wild animals.

Personal Arrangements

Personal arrangements involve using a personal car for your travel around Africa. Traveling by a personal car gives you enough freedom to stop at any point in Africa. It allows you to travel with the whole family covering many adventures in Africa.

With many scenic places, one will be able to cover as much as possible and you will certainly enjoy the adventure. However, traveling with a car is accompanied with disadvantages such as fuel cost, possible breakdown of the vehicle, getting lost, risks of theft and possible accidents.

Water Bodies

Water transportation in Africa involves movement of goods and people over water. Africa has many lakes, rivers and oceans where people and most of the bulky goods such as machines are transported across the waters.

It’s a vital mode of transport of bulky goods when getting around in Africa since it’s the most cost-effective method of transportation of goods. Transportation on water is always slow. This mode of transportation involves the use of boats, ferries, cargo ships and cruises.

Ferry Services

Ferries are used to transport many people or bulky goods from place to place around the African coastline. It is the cheapest mode of transport and suitable when used in transportation of heavy goods. 

Africa provides numerous options of water transportation in Africa connecting many countries in Africa. Ferries are used by most people to get across lakes, rivers or the ocean. However, there are few water ports along the ocean making water transport slower. 


Involves the movement of people traveling for pleasure without a precise destination. Africa has many prime ports which help cruisers discover this interesting continent.

This type of water transport may involve touring an island, beach, and swimming with stingrays. It is accompanied with high cost, sea sickness and time limits.

African cruise Via Cape town
African cruise Via Cape town

Boats On Rivers

Involves using boats on rivers for the transportation of people and goods from one place to another. Although most of the rivers in Africa have waterfalls, water reeds, shallow and many meanders, some rivers give access to river transportation such as Congo river.

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