Experience Africa With These Incredible Foods

Africa is the second largest continent of the world, being led by Asia. There are so many aspects and values that distinguish the continent from all the other known continents. Some facts making Africa a unique continent include having a large distribution of wildlife in almost all the 54 countries of the continent, it has the largest ever known desert, that is the Kalahari desert, has River Nile which is believed to be the largest river in the world and lastly because it has a rich cultural heritage. However, the most interesting fact about Africa is the types of foods that are found herein. 

In Kenya, the most unique food ever known is the nyama choma which goes better when taken together with ugali. In addition, Kenyan tea is also a delicacy that is embraced by many tribes in the country. Jollof rice and Egusi soup are also other known types of foods in Nigeria, Injera and Ethiopian tea in Ethiopia, fufu or foufou in West Africa, Pilau in East Africa and Attieke Poisson in Cote d’Ivoire. These are the most unique types of foods in Africa. 

  1. Nyama Choma & Ugali – Kenya
Nyama Choma & Ugali
Nyama Choma & Ugali

Nyama Choma is meat that is specially prepared by being roasted and grilled and then wrapped using an aluminum foil to prevent the entry of germs or disease-causing organisms that may make the meat go bad. This is a way of preserving the meat for a long period. This meat may be of a goat or sheep depending on one’s tastes and preferences. On the other hand, ugali is a special meal mainly composed of sieved maize, known as maize flour. The maize flour, mixed with water, is used to prepare the ugali meal. 

A combination of nyama choma and ugali brings a special taste to your plate. Apart from nyama choma, ugali can also be served with different kinds of vegetables to bring a desirable tasty and affordable meal. Nyama choma and ugali in Kenya are also served along with kachumbari, which is made of cut tomatoes, pepper, and some onions. 

  1. Jollof Rice & Egusi Soup – Nigeria
Jollof Rice & Egusi Soup
Jollof Rice & Egusi Soup

Jollof rice in Nigeria is a meal consisting of rice and other additives such as tomatoes, pepper and tomato paste and other minor ingredients. Additionally, jollof rice can also be prepared using beef and vegetables. Egusi soup on the other hand is prepared using meat, some mushrooms if need be and vegetables. This is a soup that is thick in appearance and indeed very tasty.

Jollof rice and egusi soup is a very common meal in Nigeria and one of the spiciest foods ever. Egusi soup can also be served in close conjunction with other types of foods such as fruity yams or foods containing large amounts of starch.

  1. Injera – Ethiopia

Injera is a special meal in Ethiopia that is spongy and is made using different ingredients. Some of these ingredients include barley, wheat flour and sugar among others. It closely resembles a pancake because most of the time its preparation requires a pan to produce a sweet product.

Injera alone can be served without any additional foods or vegetables because of its fleshy appearance. However, it can also be served with any kind of tew that one would prefer to have and also fruits. In addition, injera can also be cooked or served alongside meat. 

  1. Kenyan Tea
Kenyan tea

Kenyan tea is a brownish-coloured drink which consists of several additives in it. The main component of Kenyan tea is milk. This milk is especially cow milk. The milk is first boiled then several cups of water are added to it. A spoonful of tea leaves is then added and stirred followed by a few teaspoons of sugar. The mixture is then left to boil for the next 3-5 minutes for the tea leaves to appropriately absorb the milk. 

The Kenyan tea also contains ginger, commonly known as tantalizing in the local Swahili language. This tea can be served alongside other foods such as bread or chapati and mandazi. It is found in other parts of the world such as in the UK hence meaning that it is popular in many places. 

  1. Fufu/Foufou – West Africa

This is one of the most common types of foods in West African parts. The country where it is commonly found is Ghana. Apart from Ghana, it can also be found in other countries namely DRC, Nigeria, Cameroon, Angola, Benin and Togo.

Fufu is rich in starch and very nutritious. It has low amounts of cholesterol and is also rich in fiber. Due to its benefits such as easing and fastening the digestive stream, it is highly recommended for one to try out this nutritious and delicious delicacy anytime. 

  1. Pilau – East Africa

Pilau is a common African meal and is mostly found in the East African parts, that is, in Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and South Sudan. The main component of pilau is normal

rice. For it to become pilau, several spices are added up to it and this explains why pilau rice is usually brown. 

The ingredients used to make pilau rice include rice, ginger, coriander cumin, salt, oil, pepper and meat just to mention a few. It is a traditional food that is still dominant as one of the best meals that are found in every hotel across all African countries.

  1. Attiéké Poisson – Côte d’Ivoire
Attiéké Poisson

This is a common food in many parts of the Ivory Coast consisting of several ingredients. It contains ingredients such as meat, especially fish, onions, pepper and tomatoes which are sliced and added on top of the meal. 

Served alone, attieke Poisson is an independent meal, meaning that it does not require any additional foods served alongside it. Once ripe, its smell resembles the smell of fresh cassava. 

  1. Ethiopian Coffee
Ethiopian Coffee

Ethiopia is one of the top most known coffee producers in the world. In the African rank, it is ranked first in coffee farming and production. The coffee produced herein is exported to different countries such as parts of North America and parts of Asia.

Ethiopian coffee is brown, and its taste resembles the taste of chocolate. Since Ethiopia produces the best coffee beans, it, therefore, means that Ethiopian coffee is one of the best coffee that can be found in Africa.

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