Moving To Africa: Is It Possible? The Best Places & Why You Should Consider It

Whether you are looking for new career or business opportunities or just need a new environment, moving can be a daunting task. We talked to a few people who moved to Africa and found out exactly what everyone needs to know before making the giant leap.

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Moving to Africa is actually easier than people think. It is possible for anyone to secure the right documentation that will allow them to live and even work in most parts of Africa. Despite being called “The Dark Continent” the quality of life in Africa is pretty close to what the developed world is accustomed to.

In recent years, pre-pandemic, many Americans as well as Europeans have found moving to Africa a fairly reasonable decision and fewer have actually regretted doing it. It is just a better quality of life. However, making the right decisions on which country to settle in and what documentation is needed are very important factors you need to consider and in this article we will go over all of them.

What African countries are easy to immigrate to?

South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania and Mauritius are some of the easiest countries to immigrate to. As a general rule of thumb, it is a good idea to identify countries that have a democratic political system. This, among other things, will indicate how easy it will be to reallocate to that country. Most African countries have had just about 50 to 60 years of independence and as they mature politically so do their systems of governance.

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Granted, there are various nuances. For instance, countries that gained their independence later have better systems thus they would be easier to immigrate to. However, these countries still have significant issues stemming from their colonial pasts.

Another factor to consider would be the demographics of the country. For Instance, white expatriates are highly favored in terms of visiting a country; however, gaining citizenship or work permits may prove difficult in most cases. On the other hand, black expatriates tend to feel rather underwhelmed despite gaining a general peace of mind.

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With all these factors considered, Africa has come a long way from its colonial past and while ethnicity may play a role in how easy it is to immigrate to Africa, the political systems established as well as a great support system of fellow immigrants will ensure a painless process.

What is the best African country to live in?

Kenya is the best African country to live in Africa, reasonable minds can argue! Kenya is a rich country with attractive and diverse landscapes as well a population to match. It has great infrastructure and a decent amount of economic activity. It is one of the safest and most politically stable countries in Africa and has been for quite some time now. Nairobi, Kenya’s Capital City was voted 12th best city globally for expatriates according to Expat Insider 2021 rankings making it Africa’s number 1 best city.

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The Best Places To Live

Africa is a great place to live, the cost of living is significantly lower than the developed world and there are significantly fewer social problems. Most countries are designated as developing countries which means relocating to Africa means your quality of life will be increasing as the years go by. We grouped the best places to live according to location on the continent, geography, demographics and infrastructure development.

According To Location on The Continent 

West AfricaNigeria, Ghana, Gambia, Cape Verde and Liberia
East AfricaKenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda
Southern AfricaSouth Africa, Madagascar, Botswana, Eswatini, Namibia
Northern AfricaEgypt, Morocco, Tunisia

According To Geography

Islands of AfricaMadagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles, Cape Verde and Comoros
DesertsThe Sahara, the Namib and the Kalahari.
The great LakesLake Albert, Lake Edward, Lake Kivu, Lake Malawi, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Turkana, and Lake Victoria
The Tropical RainForestThe Congo Basin
Africa’s Great RiversNile, Congo, Niger, Zambezi and Orange.

According To Demographics

High DensityRwanda, Nigeria
Medium DensityKenya
Low DensityNamibia
EthnicityArab, African (Bantu/Cushitic/Nilotic), White

According To Infrastructure Development

CommunicationInternet penetration, Reliable Cell Service
Road, Rail or Air TransportationGood coverage, Well Maintained, Public transportation
HousingGood Neighborhoods, Water & Sanitation, Electricity
Additional InfrastructureHealth Facilities, Schools, Religious, Entertainment

What’s the safest African country?

Accra, Ghana

According to the Global Peace Index Score 2022, Ghana is Africa’s safest country. It is followed closely by Zambia, Madagascar, Sierra Leone and Senegal. For people familiar with the continent of Africa, other countries might seem safer in comparison to these ones. 

Is it safe to live in Africa?

As a general rule of thumb, safety in Africa depends highly on the particular area you wish to settle on. Africa in general is a very safe continent despite what is portrayed on traditional media. Avoid seeking out dangerous adventures without doing your due diligence or consulting experienced security personnel.

Is it expensive to live in Africa?

Relative to household income, Africa is considered a relatively expensive continent to live in. However, expatriates find living in Africa very financially comfortable.

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