Are There Cruises Around Africa?

Cruises are passenger ships which are used for going on holidays. These cruises move from one port in the ocean to another port depending on the liking of the passengers. There are still other cruises which do not go to any port at all. They go round a place then come back. These cruises have all the amenities needed to make someone’s stay comfortable.

Yes, there are cruises around Africa. With Africa being surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean, the cruises around Africa enable you to move around Africa and have a great adventurous tour.

There are various ports of call in Africa where the cruises dock in the harbors for passengers to alight. When the passengers alight they are further transported offshore by some smaller boats. Such ports in Africa include the Port of Mombasa in Kenya, the Port of Maputo in Mozambique and the Port of Dakar in Senegal. The cruises in Africa not only move around Africa but also travel to other cities of the world like Dubai, Amsterdam and Rio De Janeiro. However, due to the long distance from Africa to these cities, it is normally more expensive than traveling just within the African continent.

How Long Is A Cruise To Africa?

A cruise to Africa takes an average of ten days. However, this depends on your preferred destination and the weather being experienced. You can also choose cruises which move faster if in a hurry or you can opt for the slower ones.

Whenever you want to travel on a cruise, it is very important to consider the weather being experienced. This will contribute highly to whether you will enjoy the journey as you wish. Over the past years, we have witnessed cruise journeys being canceled due to unfavorable weather conditions. This leads to a massive loss of revenue on the company’s part. You must do your research on the weather to avoid being inconvenienced in such ways. The cruise department relies a lot on meteorological experts to give them accurate reports on the weather conditions. 

Nowadays, modern cruises are made with such strong materials that they can withstand the stormy and rough weather conditions in the ocean. The experience of a storm while on the cruise is not pleasant at all. When it is vigorous, some items of the cruise may be damaged thus making the company make losses.

Are There River Cruises In Africa?

There are River Cruises in Africa. African cruises are majorly active in the Southern African region in the country Botswana in the Chobe River.

Chobe River is near the Chobe National Park which is home to a large number of elephants, buffalos and other wild animals. By going on a cruise on River Chobe you will have the opportunity of viewing the elephants and buffalos as they move around the park. River cruising is majorly managed by AmaWaterways company. One of the major cruises offered by AmaWaterways company is the Zambezi Queen. This cruise is known for its luxurious accommodation and the excellent services there.

Whenever going on a river cruise, you must take care of your health. Since these cruises take place on rivers and lakes, there is a high possibility of mosquitoes which cause malaria. It would be important for you to carry an antimalarial pill based on your doctor’s guidance. People coming from countries with cases of yellow fever should be vaccinated as they will be required to show proof of their vaccination.

The cruise on Chobe involves a distance of 15 miles. Once on the river cruise, the cruise does not make stopovers anywhere since there are ports or even towns anywhere. You only have a view of the open space watching the wildlife.

How Much Does A Cruise To Africa Cost?

Cruise prices are volatile, that is, they keep on changing from time to time depending on the level of demand. You can get a cruise to Africa costing as low as $568 and other times $9500. This wholly depends on the number of cruises available at that time.

There are various companies in the world which offer cruises to Africa. Just to mention but a few, they include, Msc cruises, Oceania Cruises and America line cruises. Depending on the different times of the year when the cruises are planned to depart to Africa, the level of booking is not the same. When the booking is low and there are more cruises left unoccupied, the companies normally lower the prices to attract more people. However, when the booking is very high the company puts competitive prices for the people who will do their booking.

Booking of cruises can either be done directly with the cruise company or you can opt for the travel agents. The representatives of the cruise companies may fail to provide you with all information since most have not been on the cruises themselves to give you information on the advantages and disadvantages of the various cruises. However, the travel agent has traveled on the cruises and therefore they will be able to give any necessary information on the experience of the different cruises. It is preferred to do your booking earlier so that you can choose the best place to stay.

Is An African Cruise Safe?

Safety is a major issue to consider whenever you use a cruise. An African cruise is generally safe.

The management of any cruise ensures that their cruise’s safety is paramount since only this will tend to attract many people. Whenever the cruise is heading to any region or port, the security of the place is first assessed and if any threat is detected, the route of the cruise is changed and it does not stop there. Therefore, there is no need for you to worry. With the COVID-19 pandemic in the world, the staff of the cruise ensures that everyone adheres to the guidelines set aside so that all the people are protected. There are also trained cruise security officers who ensure that everyone on the cruise is safe.

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