Are There Flights To Africa?

Flights are the most efficient means of transport that one would venture to travel with. Many advantages accompany the use of a flight to travel from one place to another, one of them being its ability to access all parts, as there are no barriers in the air. Generally, they are the most efficient when planning to travel to Africa. 

There are only a few flights to Africa each day. This is especially due to the reason that only a limited number of African nations offer international flights every day from and into the continent. 

Despite the limited number of international flights every day, this does not necessarily mean that there is a complete hindrance to flights into other countries, therefore one can book their flight early in advance. As a general rule, certain essentials entail the use of a flight to travel using a flight. 

 Ethiopian Airlines | ET-AOT
 Ethiopian Airlines | ET-AOT 

Do You Need A Visa To Travel To Africa?

For one to have a successful flight to their desired destination of travel, there are several documents that they need to have. Some of these include a passport, a national Identity Card, and a visa. However, this may differ from one country to the other depending on the specific policies set by each government. 

A visa is not a must-have document needed when one wishes to travel to Africa. This is strongly supported by some reasons such as; that some African nations allow visitors into them without a visa. South Africa, for example, allows visitors from the United States and European nations to enter the country without a visa. 

Other Examples: Other nations allow people coming from specific countries to enter them without a visa. For Kenyan citizens owning a Kenyan passport, they have direct access to countries such as Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Gambia, and Ethiopia among others without the need for a visa.

Precaution: This does not mean that one should not put a visa into consideration when planning to travel by flight, at all times it is necessary to have a visa because government policies can change with time hindering travel without a visa.

What Is The Best Way To Book Flights To Africa?

The best way to book a flight to Africa is by contrasting the available airlines and considering the cheapest flights offered by each airline to make a successful flight to Africa. For example, flights from the United States are believed to be one of the most expensive to use. 

Booking a flight to your destination is one of the key processes that you should be very keen on when planning. Booking with the best airlines is one of the principal tips that ensure a good experience in flight for each traveler. 

Here are some tips that should be put into much contemplation when booking these flights to Africa to ensure a successful flight; 

  • Booking early in advance to avoid some instances such as failure to get a flight on the intended day of travel. 
  • Choosing the cheapest flights that are available. 
  • Choosing the most convenient travel date. 
  • Booking all tickets instantly. 
  • Having a clear budget for your trip in the most economical way. 
  • Take advantage of the cheaper day’s fares. 
  • Find the cheapest destinations 

Which Airlines Fly To Africa?

The airlines that fly to Africa include Emirates, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airways, Qatar Airways, and Turkish airways, and they move internationally to over 25 African countries

There are more than 20 airlines that offer international flights into and out of Africa. Apart from the above-mentioned airlines, other airlines that are also available to offer flights to Africa and other parts of the world include the following; 

  • Etihad Airways 
  • South African Airways 
  • EgyptAir 
  • RwandAir 
  • Egyptian Airways 
  • South African Airways 
  • British Airways  
British Airways, Cape Town International Airport
British Airways, Cape Town International Airport

Note: African airlines are believed to be the cheapest as compared to the other international airlines and therefore the most affordable and reliable, and also have the biggest connections to all the African cities.

Are There Flights Within Africa?

There are a good number of airlines that offer flight services within the African continent, and therefore it is possible to fly across any place around Africa at any time one wishes to travel and at an affordable price. 

The availability of enough flight facilities across the continent of Africa has been brought into success by the increasing number of international airports across the continent. There are over 1,000 flights that happen in Africa every day. Here are some examples of the main access airports that are used across Africa. 

  • Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is located in Nairobi, Kenya. 
  • Julius Nyerere International Airport found in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.
  • Cape Town International Airport in South Africa. 
  • Oliver Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa. 
  • Houari Boumediene Airport in Algeria. 

Additional information: The above-mentioned airports can be accessed by travelers flying from all parts of the world. This is made more convenient when moving from one African country to another as more links across the whole continent are created and this also makes it possible to access remote areas. The estimated number of flights within the African continent is about 1,000 flights each day. 

How Much Do Flights To Africa Cost?

Flights to Africa cost about $885 on average. The cost of a flight to Africa may however differ depending on the distance to be covered and the type of airline one chooses to use while flying into Africa.

Kenya Airways is ranked one of the cheapest airlines while flying to Africa followed by other airlines such as South African Airways and Ethiopian Airways. 

Here are some of the airports and their ticket prices while flying into some parts of Africa.

AirportCountryOne Way Ticket (USD)
Dar es SalaamTanzania444.32
Port LouisMauritius420.48

Tip: For anyone booking a flight, they are supposed to book both tickets at once and this is where the need for a proper plan while booking arises. In the case where you fail to book the back ticket, you might miss a light on the intended day of travel if all flights are fully booked.

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