Things To Do In Diani Beach

Diani beach is a Kenyan beach that is located a few kilometers in the southern region of Mombasa. This is one of the most ideal beaches that would guarantee the best experiences for vacations for people including visitors, families, or couples on their honeymoon. Diani beach is not just a normal beach but also has got many attractions in it that make it among the best tourist attractions in the coastal regions of Kenya. 

Diani beach has many things that one might choose to do when they happen to visit the beach. Some of these activities include diving, golf playing, horse riding and also camping on the beach. There are lots of fun activities that ensure the best experiences upon visiting. 

People from across different parts of the world are guaranteed the best vacation experience when they choose to visit Diani beach. It is therefore one of the best decisions you can ever make and among the most affordable. Here are some of the things one may decide to do at Diani Beach.

1. Take A Walk On The Beach And Take In The Beautiful Sights

Diani beach is considered one of the best when it comes to walking through it. A walk through the beach is a fun activity as one can have a clear view of the beautiful sceneries that are therein and also experience some of the recreational facilities offered. 

Walking through Diani beach is allowed and safe to do especially during daytime. A walk on the beach is estimated to take several hours to complete. From the walk, one can view some of the animals there such as baboons and monkeys which reside there.

Other examples of sceneries that are interesting to watch while having a walk through Diani beach include the view of the forests. These forests are home to different kinds of animals such as birds and colobus monkeys. There are also beautiful waters and coral reefs that are interesting to watch on Diani beach.

2. Visit Robinson Island On A Glass Boat

Island is a highland located a few kilometers from the town of Malindi in Kenya. It is a small island that majorly has fishing activities going on, hence many refer to it as a fishing village with several restaurants. 

A journey from Diani Beach to Robinson Island on a glass boat can take a few hours to complete before reaching your destination. This trip using a boat provides the best experience and happens every day whereby those that are interested are picked from the

beach. A tour guide is needed for this journey as they have more experience with the ocean tides and know the best routes to use.

3. Tick Skydiving And Kitesurfing Off You Adventure Bucket List

When planning for a trip to Diani beach, skydiving and kitesurfing should be on the list of your activities. They have the best experiences and one of the most affordable activities one would have to venture during their vacation on this beach. They are also termed as the best water sports that have ever been offered on any beach across Kenya.

Other activities that are related to skydiving and kitesurfing in Diani beach include the use of parachutes and also hot air balloons. Skydiving offers a clear view of the ground from a higher level due to the existence of the force of gravity. This, therefore, tells you that these should never miss on your bucket list. 

4. Dine At Ali Barbour’s Cave

Ali Barbour’s cave is an exclusive restaurant found on Diani beach that offers a fascinating dining experience. This is a cave that was created by the action of coral reefs that created a depression inside, and later on, it was converted into a world-class restaurant with the best experiences. 

There are a good number of refreshments that can be found in Ali Barbour’s cave. This hotel has the best foods and the best service that would leave one longing to frequently dine in this restaurant.

5. Setup Camp On The Beach (Tiwi Beach)

Beach is a minor beach located in the northern region of Diani beach. This is the place with the best camping facilities and experiences. It is only a few minutes’ drive from Diani beach. The only recreational activities on this beach are diving and snorkeling.

Little activities happen on this beach and some activities like swimming are always not recommended here due to their disadvantages. This, therefore, tells you that the beach is mostly about camping, with the best camping facilities.

6. Go Deep Sea Diving

Diani beach is termed Kenya’s best scuba diving spot ever. This may however, be the most expensive fun activity depending on the skill level of the diver. For beginners, trainers must be assigned to them and thereby, generally increasing the overall costs.

This is the most interesting activity, especially for expert divers to undertake. Scuba diving in Diani beach makes the beach the best diving center and spot in Kenya and also a world-class ideal place when planning for vacations.

7. Ride a Camel Or A Horse On The Beach

Camels and horses are the ideal and most preferred fun activities especially when planning to move across the beach. It has the best documentaries and the best sceneries to view the beachscape depending on what one prefers. The use of a horse or camel through Diani minimizes the time that you would take to move through the entire beach. 

Camel riding also has a clear view of the beach. Camels and horses can go for a long distance without getting tired and therefore their movement through the sandy beaches are easy and interesting.

8. Go Clubbing And Enjoy The Buzzing Nightlife

For entertainment purposes and refreshments, there are several bars, nightclubs, and lounges that are situated on Diani beach. They are open throughout the daytime and also the whole night to provide the best service for those that are interested. Some of the nightclubs that are situated on Diani Beach include Dosi Dosi Lounge and Shakatak disco. They, therefore, guarantee full-time entertainment to the visitors and especially a wonderful night. 

Some of the hotels in Diani beach also hire singers and instrumentalists that ensure every visitor enjoys their night and hence eliminate boredom. It is therefore always encouraged to make a visit to Diani beach and have a taste of the Kenyan beach experience.

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