Kenya At a Glance for Tourists with Pictures

Kenya is one of the most Scenic and naturally beautiful countries in the world, and should be in every traveler’s bucket list. Kenya has everything you’d want for Travel. Depending on where you go Kenya has beautiful landscapes, white sandy beaches ,Deserts, Tropical weather, Safari Savannah, Dense Forest ,Mountains Culturally Kenya is a very diverse country and we’re going to highlight the main Features of the Country.

1.Sights and Places:

Kenya Map

Kenyan Geography. Kenya is a country in the eastern part of Africa, and it is the seventh most populous country in Africa. Kenya borders five countries. It borders Tanzania, Somalia, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Uganda. Kenya’s current population is estimated at 53 million people. Kenya actually got its name from Mount Kenya, which is the second largest mountain peak in Africa.

Nairobi, The green city in the Sun

Nairobi is the Capital and largest city in Kenya, followed by Mombasa. Nairobi was recently voted by Expats as the Best city in Africa.

The nick name of Nairobi is The Green City in the Sun. This comes from the Greenery or Green spaces in Nairobi and its Tropical climate. Nairobi is the only City in the world to have a National park.

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Nairobi National Park

Is Nairobi Safe? Nairobi is generally safe but just like most Cities in the your safety also depends on the Location, Time of the day and mode of Transport.

Kenyans drive drive on the left hand side of road just as most former British Colonies do.

Kenya was the first country in the world to have mobile transfers. M-Pesa is a mobile banking service that allows users to store and transfer money through their mobile phones.

The Sounds of Kenya

2. People, Food and Culture

Kenya is made up of 42 plus Tribes. The largest tribes of Kenya is the Kikuyu tribe. Other tribes include Luo, Kalenjin, and the Kamba tribes. Most outsiders do consider Kenyans as generally friendly people.

Maasai Tribe & Culture

The Maasai people account for about a million in the population. The Maasai culture is very rich with a deep deep heritage. They are known for their jump and dance and jumping. The Maasai are one of the only ”True Tribes” as they have maintained there Cultural practices.


Kenyan national languages are English and Swahili and communication should as most the Population know at least Basic English.

Hakuna matata a popular phrase made famous from The Lion King, which means ”no worries”.

Hakuna Matata, Lion King

One of Kenya’s biggest export are athletes usually coming from The Rift valley region , Iten which is considered the spiritual home for Running and is also very popular with sport Tourism.

iten,Home of Champions

Food in Kenya

Kenya has a very diverse food culture which are unique to different tribes, one of most common foods in most Tribes is different variations of beans, maize and other Cereals.A very popular dish is Known as Githeri which is a mixture of maize and beans.


Coffee vs Tea

Now despite being the top producers of coffee in the world. Kenyans actually opt for tea rather than coffee. Kenya gained its independence from British colonization in 1963. One of the things that Kenya is adopted from the British is the love for tea also known as Chai, which a mixture of milk and Crashed Tea Leaves.


In the coastal regions in Kenya i.e. Mombasa, fresh fish and seafood is abundant within the country. At the coast you find Mombasa Street Food is a mixture of local Native delicacies with a distinctive spicy nature borrowed heavily from Arabian and Indian Influence.

Sukuma and Ugali

Sukuma & Ugali

Ugali is a traditional Kenyan food made from maize. So it is typically like cooked maize meal porridge, so it basically can be eaten with vegetables or Sukumar wiki(kale). It’s like collard green vegetables made with onions and lots of delicious spices.

3.Animals and Nature

Big-five Africa Rhino Animal World Big Game

Millions of people visit Kenya each year because of Safari to watch the Big Five consist of lions, Elephants, Rhino and Buffaloes. but they also have an abundance of other exotic animals who are very well protected by the laws and regulations of the country.

One of the biggest Draws of the Safari is the migration of the wildebeest when crossing the Mara River into the National Reserve Park, it is a stunning and amazing sight to behold.

Kenya has many Beaches along the Indian Ocean. The most popular ones include Diani ,Watamu and Lamu islands.

Agriculture is the biggest sector and accounts for a third of the country’s national income. Tourism the second biggest economic sector within the country.
Coffee is one of the biggest exports in Kenya. It grows so well in the country because of the acidity of the soil and the perfect balance with sunlight and rainfall.

Coffee Nature Tea Plantation Farming Agriculture Kenya

The coffee in Kenya is amazing and it is one of the most sought after coffees in the world. Because it is rich, it is dark. It is organic, and it is indeed made in Africa. Now, check this out. Kenya is the third largest producer of tea in the world.

Written by Gideon Mburugu in Kenya

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Written by Gideon M  in Sights & Places

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