Top Ten Famous African Lions of All Time

The King of the jungle has always been symbol of strength not because they are the biggest Cat but rather because they exhibit Kingship characteristics. The Look of the Male lions also enhances that Perception.

We have ranked the Ten most famous of them all.


George Adamson and Elsa

Elsa was a FEMALE lion raised by game warden George Adamson and his wife Joy Adamson after SHE & HER SISTERS “Big One” and “Lustica” were orphaned at only a few days although her two sisters were eventually transferred to the Rotterdam Zoo in THE NETHERLANDS, Elsa was trained by the Adamson’s to survive on her own and was eventually released into the wild.

Elsa was made famous in the award-winning movie ‘BORN FREE’, and the best-selling book written by Joy Adamson with the same title.

Elsa died from a tick-borne disease called BABESIA. She was only 5 years old.

Elsa passed away with her head on George’s lap. After burying her, George and his scouts fired 20 volleys of shots over her grave.




8.The Man-Eating Lions of Tsavo

Lions of Tsavo

They were two maneless lions accused of killing 135 men in Kenya in 1898.

The deadly Tsavo lions have since been dramatized in books, movies, and even video games. They also remain an active subject of research, as scientists try to unlock clues as to what was wrong with the Tsavo lions.

In a 2017 study, Dr. Bruce Patterson’s team discovered that one of the lions had an infection at the root of his canine tooth, making it difficult for the lion to hunt their typical prey.

After months of failed attempts to kill the man-eating Lions of Tsavo, Lt. Col John Patterson, the leader of the Railways construction project, shot and killed them.

The reconstructed remains of these maneless Lions can be found in the Chicago Field Museum.
A book about them called ‘The Man-Eaters of Tsavo’, was written by Patterson in 1907.


Big Mak

Makhulu was the leader of the Mapogo Coalition.He was also known as Big Mak. He was OLDER and much bigger than the rest of the brothers. He was also the ONLY half-brother in the coalition.

From time to time he fought and chased Mr.T. And Kinky Tail FROM the coalition, for their notorious behaviour.He’s believed to be the only Mapogo who died of old age.

6.Cecil – The Lion Martyr


He was a male African lion who lived primarily in Matabele Land North, in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park.

He was part of a long-term study by a research team from the University of Oxford.

Sadly, an American recreational big-game hunter, Walter Palmer, shot Cecil.
On the night of July 1st, 2015, 13-year-old Cecil was tracked and in the next morning killed with a bow and arrow.
Palmer had a permit and was not charged with any crime; Zimbabwean authorities say he is still welcome to visit the country as a tourist, but not as a hunter.
The owner of the farm, where the hunt took place, and the hunting guide were briefly detained, but the charges were later dropped by the courts.

The killing drew international attention, sparked outrage among animal conservationists, drew criticism from politicians and celebrities, and elicited a strong negative reaction against Palmer.

Five months after Cecil’s death, the US Fish and Wildlife Service added lions in India, West and Central Africa, and Namibia to the endangered species list.
According to Wayne, President of the Humane Society at the time,
“Cecil changed the atmosphere on the issue of trophy hunting around the world.”

5.Kinky Tail

Kinky Tail

He was the partner in crime for Mr.T, the most Ferocious duo of lions ever witnessed in the Mapogo Coalition.

The duo, interestingly enough, was NOT the biggest lions in the coalition.
However, what they lacked in size THEY MADE UP with their Ferociousness.
They used to take down BIG GAME like Giraffes and Buffalos.

Due to HIS LACK OF FEAR, one evening he attacked the FOUR SELATIS lions which led to his death.
He was eaten alive!


4.Notch The Comeback KING.


Notch was born in 1999.He was known as Notch because of a wound on the side of his nose.

He made appearances in a film series created by the BBC’s Big Cat Diary team. He was then a member of the Bila Shaka pride until he and his five sons were driven out.

Notch kept a low profile and raised his sons: Notch II, Mighty Long, Ron, Caesar, and Grimace, for over a year until they were fully grown.

When their reign of terror in the Mara began in 2008, Notch was in his prime. The group of six, tough full-grown lions, were determined to take back their territory. They expanded their boundaries as their confidence grew, and they were soon ready to challenge Fang again (the undisputed veteran with crooked teeth).

Soon enough they were able to overrule other prides including Paradise, Mugoro, Serena, Rekero, Rekero Breakaway, Rongai, Olkiombo, Maji ya Fisi, and the Lookout Pride.

Notch remained to be the undisputed king in the Mara. By then the distinctive scar on his nose had healed and this came with a new identity. A new name: Kali (Swahili for fierce).

Their reign was not without its challenges. Because of the enormous territory they controlled, it appeared that they had spread themselves thin.
Mighty Long disappeared in the Mara Triangle in 2010, most likely killed by other male lions.
By this time, Notch was nearing the end of his life. He died of old age in 2013.

3.Twadumela-He who greets with Fire


2.Scarface-The worlds most Famous Lion


He was born in 2008 and got his name from a visible scar above his eye. This was after losing his right eyelid during a territory grab with his three brothers Morani, Sikio, and Hunter, members of the Musketeers coalition.He is thought to have been fathered by the Notch male lions.
Scarface and his brothers ruled the Malaika and Ashnil camps along the Mara River.

Though the Musketeers was a well-known coalition, Scar was the Star. Safari travelers in Kenya were thrilled to share notes of their experience of him. Photographers from all over the world were elated at the sight of him.

Scar’s virility was legendary, combined with his black widow’s peak and a mane that swept back from his brow like a villain.
Scarface had an eerie similar look to Scar from Lion King’s Animation Movie.

It was reported that Scarface died of old age and starvation on June 11, 2021, at 1:00 p.m. (Kenyan time) in the Ashnil Reserve.

1.Mr. T- Satan


Mr.T was a member of the Mapogo Lions Coalition, which was possibly the most infamous, notorious, and ruthless lion Coalition to ever rule the African bush. They were also known as the Band of Brothers. They were estimated to have killed at least 100 lions during their reign of terror.

Though not the biggest member of the Coalition, Mr. T was notorious for his extreme brutality even reportedly killing his brother’s cubs. Mr.T Never backed down from a fight even when he was outnumbered.

On 16th March 2012, the Selatis coalition of four male lions entered Mapogo territory from the south. The four Selatis were successful in isolating one of the Mapogos, who turned out to be Mr. T. He was paralyzed from the hip down as a result of the attack. The Selatis’ strategy was to distract Mr. T from one side, while another lion bit and mauled him from behind on the spine and genitalia. The snap of his spine breaking, was audible enough to the present game wardens.

The Selatis would then pause and move away from Mr. T for a brief moment before resuming their attack; this process was repeated several times.
Mr. T never submitted, fighting to death, and that evening he died.

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