Top 5 Hotels in Kenya: According to Award-Winning Canadian Couple

Kenyan Travel Influencers 2021

The Dave Mani YouTube channel is a Canadian couple (Dave Mani & Tracy Mani) who came to Kenya in 2020 amid the Covid-19 pandemic. A couple that has proved to dominate the Kenyan Travel YouTube space.

In 2021, they won the Travel Influencers of the Year Award. The couple has visited and showcased Kenyan Safari Luxury to their YouTube audience.

Here are their Top Five Safari Hotels in Kenya:

5. Sands of Chale

Sands of Chale is a four-star rated hotel in Diani, Mombasa. It was also a 2021 Travellers’ Choice winner. The accommodation, they noted, was exceptional. One of the highlights was some of its onshore rooms. And how when the tides came, they get surrounded by water.

Sands of Chale

Sands of Chale is along white sandy Beaches and surrounding indigenous Trees, which give it a unique greenery look.

Indigenous Trees surrounding Sands of Chale

4. Star Beds by Elewana Collection

The Star Beds of the Elewana Collection should be on everyone’s bucket list when coming to Kenya. The biggest attraction that stands out is the accommodation, where you get to sleep outside in a king-sized bed watching the stars above you. It is a once in a lifetime experience.

Star Beds by Elewana

They noted that the food was great, just not the five-star dining but still great. The couple also agreed that the Safari Jeeps (which happened to be Land Rovers) were among the most comfortable Safari trucks they’ve ever travelled in.

This Safari Hotel is in Loisaba Conservancy, Kenya. You can also view the Laikipia magnificent landscape with Mount Kenya on the horizon.

Elewana pool overlooking Laikipia Landscape

3. Rock and Sea Resort

Number three was the Rock and Sea resort. According to the Manis, it serves the best Lasagna they’ve ever tasted (better than Italy’s). The owner of the hotel is from Italy. Secondly, their service was good.

The resort has a picturesque view, its location being on one of Kenya’s most beautiful beaches. They also say they had access to a private beach. You can take walks without anyone else’s disturbance.

Rock and Sea resort

The accommodation is unique. The owner took time to show them around to see their choices: whether to sleep in a bubble or one of the other cabins.

Rock and Sea, Watamu.

2. The Giraffe Manor

It is known as Africa’s most Instagrammed Hotel.

Giraffe Manor is a landmark hotel in Kenya, home to the endangered Rothschild Giraffe.

With the African sunrise and sunset highlighting its scenic beauty, it gets to be a favourite of many celebrities and YouTube Travel Influencers.

Giraffe Manor

The Manis gave it a 5-Star rating for its dining experiences. The chance to get up-close with giraffes is a treat any tourist will love, especially one who has never been to Africa.

The hotel checks all the boxes as Africa’s most Instagrammed Hotel, despite the tag ”Tourist Trap”.

Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi at Giraffe Manor

1. Sirikoi Lodge

In the couple’s opinion, Sirikoi Lodge is the best Hotel in Kenya. The lodge is in the Lewa Conservancy (Northern Kenya).

Owned by Willie and Sue Roberts, the YouTubers noted how the owners and staff made them feel at home, describing their service as ”super excellent”.

Sirikoi Lodge

Dave Mani said that on one occasion, they’d requested maple syrup, which is from Canada, and on the following day, the chef had it made for them.

Sirikoi Lodge was also awarded by Trip Advisor as a 2021 Travellers’ Choice.

Sirikoi Lodge

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Written by Gideon Mburugu Edited by Carol M. in Kenya

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