10 Reasons Why The Victoria Falls Should Be On Your Travel Bucketlist

Victoria Falls is located almost halfway on the mighty Zambezi River, along the Zambia-Zimbabwe border in Africa’s Southern region. While Zambia lies in the northern region of the falls, Zambia is positioned south of the famous falls. They are perched at the heart of the rich heritage of the two countries and are surrounded by several National Parks. 

The Victoria Falls, discovered by David Livingstone in 1855, serves as the best destination you should consider for your next visit to Southern Africa because of its fame as the world’s largest waterfall, its rich history, its diversity of adventure activities, and its strategic location, which enables you as a tourist to visit two countries at a go. 

Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls

Here are the top ten reasons why you should include Victoria Falls on your travel bucket list as you plan for the next visit.

  1. The location of Victoria Falls is a haven of Southern Africa’s history .

The rich history of areas around the falls speaks of the heritage and diversity of the Southern Africa region and Africa at large; from colonial history to the wildlife. It is recorded on the gates of the surrounding national parks. Visiting the falls gives you a learning opportunity on the interesting facts about the falls, the surrounding natural attractions, and Africa in general.

  1. It strategically sits at the center of Southern Africa’s wildlife conservation points.

The Zambezi National Park, the Victoria Falls world heritage site, Victoria Falls Snake Park, and the Victoria Falls national park are a few of the natural tourist attraction sites and wildlife conservation areas encircling the falls. This assures you of the sight of several wild animals before sunset.

  1. It borders two countries.
Zimbabwe and Zambia Border on A Map
Zimbabwe and Zambia Border on A Map

It is thrilling how one visit to Victoria Falls means visiting two countries at a go. You can cross from Zambia to Zimbabwe within minutes and become an international tourist. If you want to visit the third country, a slightly above one-hour drive to Chobe National Park in Botswana would do. 

  1. It is a hub of different activities
 Zambia Victoria falls footbridge
Zambia Victoria falls footbridge

This Wonder of the World offers a plethora of thrilling experiences like nature walks along Victoria Falls walkways, visiting the historic Livingstone City, sight-seeing, canoeing, and a dive at the Devil’s pool, among many other activities as later discussed in this write-up.

  1. It falls among the Seven Natural Wonders of the world. 

This is refreshing! You would go down in history as having visited and enjoyed being in one of the Seven Wonders. It is the greatest sheet of falling water globally. 

  1. Zambezi River, which hosts Victoria Falls, is among the most famous rivers in Africa.

The mighty Zambezi River, the fourth largest in Africa, “gives life” to both sides of Zambia and Zimbabwe. A blood-red sunrise experiences and attractive sunsets along the Zambezi River color the area. 

  1. Aerial views there give an extraordinary perspective.
Aerial View of Victoria Falls
Aerial View of Victoria Falls

Hovering above the scenic waterfalls on a helicopter gives a totally amazing perspective on the natural wonder. It’s all mind-blowing. This is a feeling one can get nowhere else apart from above these mighty, smoky, and thundering falls.

  1. Traveling to Victoria Falls is an easy and exhilarating experience.

Enhanced by the availability of the many airlines operating from all parts of Africa to Zambia and Zimbabwe, a trip to Victoria Falls is an easy and affordable affair. Traveling from the towns around the waterfalls using trains, a taxi or a shuttle is cheap and exhilarating. 

  1. UNESCO World Heritage Site

Its magnificence makes it a wonderful sight to behold, making it feature in UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites. It is one of its kind on the planet and a time around it forms unforgettable memories for you.

  1. Arguably the most beautiful globally

As the water falls from extraordinary heights and with massive power, they form beautiful waterfall formations which exist nowhere else. It is the adventure capital of Africa.

Natural Wonder of the World/Sheer Volume and Power

Victoria Falls is among the Seven Wonders of the World. It forms the largest sheet of falling waters, especially during the wet season, due to its massive width of 1700 m and height of 108 m. The mighty waterfalls have a sheer volume of approximately 33,000 cubic feet (935 m3) per second.

The natives named the natural wonder Mosi-oa-tunya, translated as ‘the smoke that thunders’, due to the smoky nature of the waters as they splash on the gorges from very high points. This water is from the long stretch of the Zambezi River, which flows into the Indian Ocean and forms a very beautiful scenery worth your visit.

Devils Pool

Devils Pool on The Zambian Side
Devils Pool on The Zambian Side

Located on the Zambian side of this natural wonder, Devil’s Pool sits almost at the center of the mile-wide falls near Livingstone Island. Only Tongebezi Safaris boats guide the visitors to the pool.

For The Activities

Victoria Falls is also known as the Adventure Capital for Africa because it is a haven for diverse adventurous activities. A visit to the falls gives you the golden chance to enjoy canoeing, rafting on the white water, and bungee jumping, among many others, keeping you refreshed and in an ecstatic mood.

Some activities inside the Zambezi River such as swimming in the Devil’s pool are suitable when the water levels are lowest, to avoid very strong currents while land-based and aerial activities prove best at high water volumes and strong currents, for you to snatch the thrilling experiences from above. However, no matter the time of the visit, the plethora of activities would satiate your adventurous spirit, especially if you are not much selective. 

Some of the common adrenaline activities to suit your taste at Victoria Falls have been discussed below:

World Class Rafting

Downstream, below Victoria Falls, the Zambezi River is famously considered the most suitable White Water Rafting river globally. 

Rafting River Zambezi
Rafting River Zambezi

Its high water volumes and deep channels offer adrenaline-packed class 3 to 5 rapids dotted with pacific pools. Rafters enjoy the spectacular Batoka Gorge while rafting on the most exciting yet challenging rapids worldwide.

Rafting trips are varied, ranging from a few hours to full five-night and six-day excursions done from Victoria Falls downstream to Lake Kariba.


Canoeing upstream from Victoria falls offers a tantalizing view of the Mosi-oa-tunya, the basins, and listening to the chirping birds in the rainforest. 

Tourists self-paddle or get paddled by the guides up the smooth waters and the tranquil environment.

Bungee Jumping

111 meters fall off the Victoria Falls Bridge. 
111 meters fall off the Victoria Falls Bridge. 

This is a 111 meters fall off the Victoria Falls Bridge. 

It is challenging, crazy and terrifying and an adventure, causing an unforgettable adrenaline rush. It is reportedly the best bungee on the planet, though not the highest.

Flight of Angels

Flight of Angels Helicopter Ride
Flight of Angels Helicopter Ride

On a helicopter, you soar above the amazingly smoky falls and the mighty Zambezi River. A flight of choice takes you past the Batoka Gorge, a 12-13 or 25-27 minute flight.

  • You catch the amazing aerial views
  • Fly as regularly as you wish
  • They pick up and later drop you at your hotel for free

For the Amenities

Around the famous bridge, the Bridge Café is the best place for satiating your appetite after jumping, canoeing, and flying. 

It is a beautifully-thatched, open-air space for food near the bridge. Surrounding the waterfalls are luxury yet affordable lodges for visitors. Also, inside the parks are camping sites for wildlife lovers.

For A Full Moon View/The Lunar Rainbow

Colorful, spectacular sunsets are best visible from Zambia and they are an amazing sight your eyes could ever behold.

Every evening during the full moon season, the Victoria Falls rainforest is opened for a view of the surreal phenomenon. The lunar rainbow, or ‘moonbow’ forms as the full moon’s light refracts through the airborne water particles, one of the indescribable phenomena and a wonder by itself.

Victoria Falls remains a magnificent wonder in whichever aspect you use to rate it.

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