Which Animals Live In Amboseli?

Amboseli is a national park that is located in the Southern parts of Kenya mainly in an area called Loitokitok in the Rift Valley regions. Some myths exist about its correct location where some say it is in Tanzania but the truth of the location of this national park is that it is mainly located in Kenya, but some parts of the park are in Tanzania. For this reason, Amboseli National park is on the border of Kenya and Tanzania in some parts. It is one of the most popular parks found in Kenya and a major tourist attraction in the country. Tourists visiting this national park are free to visit at any time of their convenience since people are unrestricted. Amboseli is the second most popular national park in Kenya after Maasai Mara. 

There are many kinds of animals found in the Amboseli National Park in Kenya. Some of the animals that can be found in this national park include elephants, giraffes, leopards, cheetahs, wild dogs, buffalos, zebras, lions, blue wildebeests, hippopotamus, and antelopes.

The main reason that contributes to so many animals inhabiting this place is simply that the climate of this place is conducive and favorable for their daily living. Amboseli National Park is one of the best places that one would choose to visit and enjoy the cool natural environment found here.

  1. Elephant
<a href=Elephant ,Amboseli National Park.” class=”wp-image-2651″ />
Elephant ,Amboseli National Park.

Elephants are one of the largest animal species that are found on the earth’s surface. They have many special characteristics that differentiate them from all the other animals. The most common characteristics of elephants are that they have a huge body structure, a trunk, and also have two tusks that act as their teeth. Amboseli national park has a good number of elephants. There are more than 1,000 elephants in this park. This number keeps on increasing each day due to the decline in the cases of poaching activity in the country.

  1. Giraffe
Giraffes, Amboseli National Park
Giraffes, Amboseli National Park

A giraffe is a type of animal species characterized by its height. Giraffes are one of the tallest animal species that are found in the Amboseli National Park. Giraffes have long necks, and long legs and also have black or brown patches on their skin. Amboseli has over 5,000 giraffes. This national park has the highest number of giraffes in both Kenya and Tanzania and their numbers keep on increasing from one day to another.

  1. Leopard

A leopard is one of the animals that belong to the cat family. Leopards are characterized by black patches spread out through their body and their fierce nature. Those willing to see the leopards are advised to watch them from a far distance because they are one of the most dangerous animals. Leopards are the rarest type of animal in Amboseli National park. This, therefore, means that it is very rare for one to spot a leopard in this national park and that they are only seen once in a while.

  1. Cheetah

Just like leopards, cheetahs also belong to the cat family species. From the physical point of view, cheetahs closely resemble leopards. The only difference that differentiates them from leopards is the fact that the spots of a cheetah are clear while those of a leopard are not clear and they follow an irregular pattern. In Amboseli national park, the number of cheetahs that can be found is few. Most of the time they are spotted in the grasslands. They can also be found in woodlands and it is believed they are active during sunrise and sunset.

  1. Wild dogs

The wild dog is a type of animal that many people regard as a dog that is painted. It is mainly called a painted dog because of the several patches that are found on its body. It is a carnivore and therefore feeds purely on flesh.

  1. Buffalo
African Cape Buffalo with <a href=Mount Kilimanjaro in the Background, Amboseli.” class=”wp-image-2654″ />
African Cape Buffalo with Mount Kilimanjaro in the Background, Amboseli.

A buffalo is a type of animal species characterized by its large body structure, and curved horns and its body shape is castle-like. Among the known big five animals, buffaloes are one of the largest animals in terms of their population in Amboseli national park. Amboseli national park has large herds of buffaloes and they are mostly found in the lake regions where there is plenty of food and water for their consumption.

  1. Zebra

Zebras are the most common animals found in Africa. Research shows that most of the animal population of Africa is composed of zebras thereby making them the most frequent animals that can be easily spotted in any game park or reserve found in the whole continent of Africa. The population of giraffes in Amboseli national park totals more than 2,500 individuals in the park.

  1. Lion
African Sunset, Lioness at Amboseli National Park
African Sunset, Lioness at Amboseli National Park

The lion famously referred to as the king of the jungle, is the most admired animal when it comes to a safari or a tour to any park. The total population of lions that can be traced in the Amboseli national park is close to over 100 lions and they are mostly spotted during the daytime when the sun is rising. Most of the time they are observed while crossing the road looking for their prey.

  1. Blue Wildebeest

The blue wildebeest can also be called the common wildebeest as most people call it. This is one of the animal species that is not densely populated, especially among all the animals found in Amboseli national park. Most of the wildebeests are spotted in the Maasai Mara national reserve in Kenya and also in Tanzania, especially in Serengeti national park. They are mostly found in the plains and savanna woodlands.

  1. Hippopotamus
<a href=Hippos fighting in Amboseli National Park.” class=”wp-image-2656″ />
Hippos fighting in Amboseli National Park.

Little is said about the number of hippos that are found in Amboseli national park. Just as it is the nature of hippopotamus, they are mostly found in the swampy regions and lakes since this has been their natural habitat ever since they came into being. Hippos can therefore be spotted only in places with either lakes or rivers in the Amboseli national park.

  1. Antelopes (Dik- dik and The Lesser Kudu)

A dik-dik is an animal belonging to the antelope family. The difference between a normal antelope and a dik-dik is that they are smaller in size. Antelopes are mostly spotted in the grassland regions and rainforests where there is plenty of pastures and water for their consumption.

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