Top 5 Kenyan Man Made Landmarks

We have ranked Top five Kenyan landmark as Physical buildings or structures that come to your mind when someone Mentions Kenya. Its a mix of modern Engineering plus natural man made structures which have been built or cropped up over the years.


Old Town, Mombasa

Mombasa Oldtown is heavily influenced by Arabic and Indian architecture and was the main entry port to East Africa. Mombasa Old Town is suburb of Mombasa that sits on 72 hectares. It was named as UNESCOs heritage site in 1983.It also has one of Kenya’s Oldest mosque, the Mandhry Mosque which showcases Swahili Architecture .It also has the famous Fort Jesus built by Portuguese in the 1700 century. Mombasa Famous Street food is found in the OLD Town Mombasa and its outskirts.

Mandhry Mosque


The biggest slam in the Africa ,third in the world with a population of about 700,000.Unfortunately, it has become a tourist site and for a fee you can be taken around and see human beings living in abject poverty. The government is undertaking different housing projects to relocate the inhabitants of the slum.

The average shack or tin house is 12ft by 12 ft and can house up eight people or more, the average monthly rent for the shacks is about 7$ .The Biggest problems is usually sanitation, Sewage ,crime, unemployment just to name a few. However notable personalities from Kibera have however been able to breakthrough notably Henry Ohanga “Octopizzo,Abel Mutua,Johnson Mwakazi among others.

Aerial Shot Of Kibera

3. K.I.C.C

For a number of years, the Kenya International Conference Center was the symbol of Nairobi, it was commissioned in the 1969 under the Founding President Jomo Kenyatta. The concept of the Building is inspired by the penis of a Donkey, the architects of It was designed by Kenyan David Mutiso & Norwegian Karl Henrik. The construction took 6 years to complete.


It also has a rooftop which is very famous or people are going to see a panoramic view of Nairobi, as of 2022 charges are ($5 US) for adults and 200 ($2 US) for kids for foreigners. The Building is a State Corporation established under the Tourism Act 2011 whose objective and purpose is to promote the business of Meetings, Incentive Travel, Conferences and Exhibitions that promote Kenya.



Lamu Island

Known for its narrow streets and the oldest best preserved Swahili architecture. Lamu Island is 240 kilometers(150 miles) northeast of Mombasa. It’s a small beautiful island which is richly preserved from the Swahili Arabic influence and retains a heavy architectural and heritage founded from12th century. It is is a UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2002. The only way to access these islands is through by boat. Cars are not allowed in the island itself. You The only way to move a you have to walk or take a motorbike.


The island hosts the famous Lamu festival which had taken a hiatus Since Corvid Pandemic. The 132nd Festival is making a a come back this year. It’s a 3 Day Event which includes Donkey Racing, Dhow sailing and showcasing Swahili culture.


Nairobi Expressway

The first Express way in East Africa. It will cover a total of 27.2km from Jomo Kenyatta Airport to West lands area in Nairobi. This will drastically change the landscape of Nairobi as the road snakes through the City of Nairobi. It’s one of the biggest projects the the country has has done over the past 10 years and is set to improve traffic congestion in Nairobi. After completion Expressway will have cost $668 million to be repaid by Kenya through a PPP(public–private partnership is an arrangement between Kenya with China). They are starting to beautify the expressway by making it green to compensate for the trees that were actually cut down numbering almost 2500 trees.

Greening The Expressway

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Written by Gideon M  in Sights & Places

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