Alternatives to Africa’s most instagrammed hotel, Giraffe Manor.

The giraffe Manor is one of the most recognizable hotels in Kenya. Its a pits stop for most travel influencers and celebrities with breathtaking Pictures of them feeding the Giraffe.

However it’s not the only hotel in Kenya and you can be able to interact with giraffes. In this article we give you the two other sanctuaries for giraffes where you can feed them and spend your day there.

Its also important to note that giraffe Manor is Pricey. It costs almost $1,000 for a night stay and it can be fully booked up to a whole Season. It’s out of reach for some most Kenyans or tourists on a Budget who want to want to go and spend time with giraffes.

Here are two other alternatives which can be able to do the same thing at a much cheaper price.

2.Girraffe Center, Nairobi.

1.Haller Park & Nguuni Nature Sanctuary, Mombasa.

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